Saturday, March 11, 2017

Looking Inside Through God-colored Glasses

It's a familiar scene.  A child leaves home, a spouse leaves a marriage or someone gives up on life.  Their reasons are the same, they need to find themselves.  What does that even mean?  Whatever it means to each of them still causes pain to others. 

Three things we can never run away from in life:  ourselves, our shadow, and God.  No matter where we try to run away from, or to, these three will always be there.  

Some people go insane in their effort to figure out what is missing in their life that leaves them unsatisfied and lacking with lack and dissatisfaction.  They numb their longing by drinking, drugs, sexual perversion, hate or staying busy in the most unhealthy way so they don't have to feel the loneliness or the fact that day after day is groundhog day.  Everyday when they awake they are thankful to be alive, but at the end of an exhausting day, they still feel unaccomplished.

Understand that the reason why there exist that longing is because we were created by God in the beginning, in His own image.  There are so many things that describes God.  But the one thing that describes Him to a tee is Love.  I know, I know, it really is hard to describe what love is.  Contrary to popular knowledge, love is not having someone by your side like a spouse, a child, or a partner always.  That is co-dependency.  Don't confuse the two.  Yes, you can love another and desire for them to be there 24/7 but that type of love is one that is not guaranteed.  As you enjoy being in love with another human being, there really is no guarantee that he/she will be there forever.  Remember, there are only three that will be there always.  

Knowing all that, we should get to know them instead of running away from them.  A child will either marvel or get terrified of his own shadow.  I'm sure you saw the videos.  But those who marvel at it and accept that it will follow them wherever they go, just allow it.  Understanding and accepting oneself is just a result of knowing and accepting God into one's life.  When we can take the focus out of ourselves and shift it to God's direction, there is a filter that occurs.  Our focus of ourselves through God's filter becomes clearer and we begin to understand ourselves through God's purification system.

It's everywhere in human nature.  God's creation ties into His Word.  What I mean by that is consider our own body.  It is a genius piece of engineering.  God is genius!  Because whatever our bodies absorb, it all gets filtered through.  The liver is a high powered filtering machine with 500+ functions.  The kidney is another.  There are so many machines in our bodies that work for our health daily.  In the same token, God is the filter of our very flesh into righteousness.  For this reason, no matter how much we try to run away from God, no amount of alcohol, drugs, money, fame or sexual satisfaction, can ever fill the God-shaped holes in our hearts.  Full surrender is the answer.  It's not hard to have a conversation with the Almighty, because He is already there in our hearts.  We don't need a cell phone, or any kind of high tech special equipment to talk to Him.  He's already omnipresent.   Whatever sinful lust we are hesitant to give up, He will help you get rid of and fill your desires with Agape love, the most purest of all types of love.

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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