Wednesday, May 30, 2012


So, the past three days I have been redecorating my blah living room, a much needed change.  It's been 4 years of neutral colors.  I decided to transform the room into a Boho Chic style.  It is not completely done as I decided to keep adding more colors and accessories.  I started with the old piano that is badly scuffed and brown.

I covered the keys to protect it from sanding dust and sanded the entire piano.  It wasn't too bad because the varnish was almost stripped from age anyway. 
I then chose a light blue green color and painted, sanded, buffed.  I was pretty pleased with the result.

I still have the bench to do, but for now I am burned out with the sanding.  I still have enough paint so I am reserving that project for another day.  Now I see the rest of my living room decor doesn't really match anymore.  So I figured I need to replace the curtains.

There is no color at all, so I need some punch.  I was up at 2am this morning so I decided to look online for the perfect reasonably priced curtains.  I found some and for the pair, it costs $110, which to me was pricey, I needed 2 pairs to cover 3 windows.  The total came up to $220 and here's the kicker, they want $60 to ship it.  Oh heck no!  I am not paying that much for curtains.  So I went to Burlington Coat Factory to check out their curtains.  Yeah I ended up buying sheer ones for $10/panel.  I figured if I got a contrasting color, I can still fork up, another $10 to double it.  I ended up buying 3 panels plus the aqua back panel.  I needed to tweak them to make it work because one was a pocket style and the other one was grommeted.   Anyhoo, I sewed, cut, pinned and it was finally time to put it up.  Well, it was still very sheer.  So I decided to use the old curtains, shown above as a blocker, so I made it the lining.  I now have three layers.  Lol!  It still worked and instead of spending an astronomical $300 on curtains alone, I spent $70, that is including the metal artwork above the piano.  I looked around the house for other accessories and found an aqua vase and then found glass roses, I don't even know I had.  The pillows were just waiting to go on the sofa to add that punch of color.  Next is a cover for my double sized papasan chair.  A boho style throw is on it right now just to gauge an idea of what it would look like later when I get the permanent cover for it.  I love the papasan chair, it's my fave!  So I hope you got some idea that redecorating does not have to cost you an arm and a leg.  Just some creativity that reflects your own personality.

Till the next rant... Love one Another!

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