Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Pride has both positive and negative connotations.  Imagine a line, on the left the positive, and on the right end is negative, with the middle the balance, where we hope to be.  But sometimes, the magnetic field pulls stronger on one side because of our free will.  I don't mean control, but it could be part of our makeup that we have gotten used to, what we've learned throughout life, and how people respond to us.  Here's what I mean.  On the positive side, growing up, our doting parents thought the world of us, give us praise of every achievement no matter how small, and we get used to it until they're no longer there to continue to do it.  Then all of a sudden, we crave it from maybe the real world, who is not so impressed by us.  Now it becomes our mission, to get approval.  Then there is the negative side.  We never got approval from anyone especially our parents, so we strive to do things perfectly.  When someone corrects us, we tend to resent the correction lest we were viewed to be imperfect and vulnerable.  

I read somewhere in the Bible that God hates pride (remember I don't memorize verses?).  If I'm not mistaken, it is also one of the 7 deadliest sins.  Not deadly in a way that if you are prideful, you physically die.  It's more like a spiritual death.  We all need to be careful to listen closely to what God says so we do not fall into these traps.  So let's dissect...

In my opinion, all fall-outs are stupid.  I say that because nothing in this world matters except God, right?  So if that statement is true, you and I don't really matter in the grand scheme of things.  Ok, that's a little harsh maybe because my kids matter to me.  But at the end of the day, it really isn't about us, and all the negative and petty issues we argue about don't really matter.  So why even waste our time?  

So let's just say you had a falling out with a sibling.  At the end of the day, you're still related.  But pride separates people.  Neither one wants to forgive the other and start hashing things out.  This is why God hates pride.

We're only human you say?  Hmm, that's true but think about this.  When you've had a falling out with someone, you go to sleep with a heavy heart, or even worse, lose sleep over it.  Even if you did finally fall asleep, you wake up  still thinking about it, and get that heavy heart back.  And for what?  Oh he/she hurt my pride.  What???  Pride is the pain, without it, nothing gets hurt.  I can't sit here and say I am perfect, I let everything negative bounce off me like a racquetball wall.  Far from it.  But I do realize it later and make the move I need to make to fix it.

Look at this painting.  Eeek!  Even I had qualms about painting it and confused because I only like to paint beautiful things.  This one was a real challenge.  But that's exactly how pride makes you feel inside.  Unpretty and unattractive.  Be this way enough and you start physically killing your own body.  Blood pressure goes up, wrinkles start to form, focus start to fade, and the list goes on.  Simply said, rid yourself of pride.  God doesn't like it, oh wait, actually, He HATES it!

Shy of perfection, pay attention to yourself enough to determine if pride makes you a better person.  Before it gets you down the path of death, get rid of it.  It won't be easy because being the "bigger" person, or turning the other cheek is so hard but is also such a pride killer!  But think about it.  The Bible says, you reap what you sow.  Just think about how the other person reacts to your unexpected apology, or even maybe an onlooker who sees it.  You can be such a blessing to them.  Easier said than done?  Well, maybe, but you may be surprised by the lifting off of the heavy weight from your shoulders and instant balance you will feel.  Your choice.  

Till my next rant... Love one another.

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