Friday, May 18, 2012


Our future is determined by the seeds we sow and no one can stop the outcome of our life.  It cannot be controlled or be influenced by what other people do.  Whether it is the government, friends, family or enemies, we can’t allow them to control us or determine our future.   

To have Love in your heart is to have a sound mind.  What does it mean? A sound mind is a spiritual mind, Jesus said John 6:63, my words are spirit and life. 

To be spiritually minded, we have to be word minded.  When all hell breaks lose, the very thing that rises up inside of you is “it is written”.  It means that when all you hear is bad news, God’s promise is the good news, because God’s word lives inside of your mind and your heart.  Whatever you focus on the most is what will be manifested especially when dealing with life’s trials and tribulations.  The trials are always going to come, the tribulations will always be present, but to overcome them we have to realize that we will have to face our negative circumstances with the word's truth.  If we are spiritually-minded, we cannot be stolen from.  When the enemy comes to rob you, he doesn’t come after your money, your health, your marriage but instead he comes to steal the word.  When the word is stolen from you, you start to doubt all the other aspects of your life, like your health, marriage, money, etc. in one fell swoop.  If you hear the Word but do not understand it, you are wide open for the enemy to steal from.  Matthew Chap. 13 and they heard the word of the kingdom but because they did not understand it satan came and stole the word. 

I dislike religious jargon that has no meaning.  If you understand the word, the devil can’t steal the word from you, he can’t take anything that is promised by God in His word.  God’s word has prosperity in it, healing, power, wisdom, victory, and if you can’t have the word stolen from you, nothing else can be stolen.  The only way to protect the precious seed that is being planted in your heart is to understand what is being planted.  To be spiritually minded is a mind ruled by the word of God and controlled by the rule of patience.  Patience is defined as, no matter what I see (pain, suffering, etc.), I planted the seed of God’s word in my heart and I expect a harvest and I will wait patiently knowing that harvest is coming, and I will endure whatever garbage tries to come my way, any trials, any lies, I will endure it because I have the patience that the word that God has spoken, that I have been believing will come soon.  His word is etched in my mind, I will overcome them all because God is watching over His word to perform it, and I will use patience as a force for my good, and if I don’t see the promise coming to pass yet and I’m holding on, and endure this moment not even able to see the promise yet but I will endure it, and won’t give up because it didn’t happen right away.  I won’t throw out healing, because I didn’t get healed right away, or throw out victory, because I didn’t’ have victory right away.  Plant that seed of patience and believe that it will grow! 

To be spiritually minded is to be single-minded. No internal debate.  James 1:5-8 Asking God for wisdom.  God hates double-mindedness.  Being double-minded is to thank God and then complain.  Ask him to forgive you, and then later ask Him to forgive you again for the same sin.   Once God cleanses you from sin, he forgets it, therefore you have to forget it.  Single-mindedness is to pray and believe that He has already granted it, and not to keep praying about it again.  Get your mind renewed to the promise of God more, believe you have it.  Look expectantly for it to arrive.  Single-mindedness is sound mind, focused completely on what God says.  Be Single-minded when you pray.  Mark 11:24 believe you have received them and you shall have it.  Shut your mind out from your internal debate.  Tell the enemy to get behind you, and refuse to accept its lies. 

Be Single-minded about your past.  Old things have passed away if you are a new creature in Christ.  Stop going back to a double-minded attitude, be Single-minded and stay that way.  My past is over, Jesus wiped it out, and there is no enemy that will tell me otherwise and my future is not a by-product of my past, I’m not going to be the outcome of the DNA I was born with, I will be the outcome of the DNA of the bible, the seed of the bible because I am born again, a child of God, new creature.  You say you were abused, but if you think about it, who wasn’t?  We’ve all been abused in some way or another, by someone.  The past is over, Period.  End of story. 

Be Single-minded about other people’s past.  Theirs is wiped out too just as much as yours is, so stop bringing it up.  Let it go, and build new friendships.

To be Single-minded is to be heavenly minded. If you are heavenly-minded, the more earthly good you are and the more you would strive to help get more people to heaven, and help others learn more about Jesus.  If you are heavenly-minded, you would know the rewards that heaven has waiting for you so you will be compelled to live godly in this life for the rewards to come.  Being heavenly-minded is seeing things from God’s point of view, and I’m not going to look at life from my natural point of view, but from heaven’s point of view.  Think about the future of the people that are around us, our loved ones, our friends and be concerned about whether they are going to go to heaven or hell.  Not being concerned about if you get away with the decision that you are about to make, can I get away with the sin I’m about to make, but instead you’re thinking about heaven, there’s a reward for me if I honor God right now, yes I can get away with it right now here on earth because I’m saved by God’s grace, but I don’t want to get away with it, just in this earth, I want rewards waiting for me in heaven and the decision I make today is going to be stamped with eternity, stamped by heavenly thinking.  I know I’m going to get there but when I do, I want to make sure there is something waiting for me, because I chose to do God’s word, and it’s building up for me, the treasures in heaven.  Not seeing things from my horizontal view but my vertical vision.  I see from the top down rather than out. 

Single-mindedness is to be aware that Jesus lives inside of you.  When you wake up in the morning you pray, Praise Jesus because he is in me.  The anointing is in me to remove every burden to solve this problem and you have to start thinking like it.  That’s what wins grace, that’s what wins life.  That’s what you have, you may not have discovered or developed it but you have it inside you. 

Till my next rant… Love One Another!

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