Sunday, April 13, 2014


I’m going to be harsh about this subject because I have encountered too many of these
experiences  in my lifetime, and it’s time to tell it like it is.  I apologize in advance if my message today offends you.  However, my purpose and intent is to make create awareness on this issue.  I hope my message today imparts what people like me have thought about thoroughly  but were otherwise afraid to put a voice behind it.

There are people in this world who have been used to mistreatment all their lives.  As children, we are very vulnerable to the treatment from the adults (parents specifically) whether good or bad.  I am sure I don’t have to expound on the “good” treatment because we all know those results are good.  So, based on my own experience, I can only talk about those who have been treated badly.

There are three types of people that result from these.  One type become violent, aloof, angry, and abusive naturally mimicking how they were treated.  The second one turn out 180 degrees and overcompensate good treatment of their spouse and/or children because they want to put a stop on the repetition of history to end the abuse.  The third and most dangerous one is the person who becomes passive aggressive. 

The passive aggressor is incapable of responding to love tit for tat because they have not allowed themselves, as adults, to re-learn the tools necessary to accept such emotion.  They may have been raised in a household of fundamentalists, or people who are more eager to please others via the illusion of perfection, rather than becoming pleasing to the scrutiny in the eyes of the Almighty God a.k.a hypocrites.  They create a facade of righteousness but yet unable to show the love and compassion for others.  They push their emotions down and compact them, issues swept under the proverbial rug just to create an illusion of order in their lives.  They neither refuse nor deny that there is something wrong.  They often push their spouses or children to complete frustration and exhaustion because they don’t know how to deal with or reciprocate the love they are being given.  But worst of all, they crave chaos and strife by communicating their perceived victimization while purposely neglecting to address the issue at hand and seek solutions, so they can sock it away as ammunition to passive aggressively attack at a later date.  It is small wonder that these people cannot hold a relationship.  When a passive aggressor communicates, it is often vague or discombobulated.  There is a purpose for that.  The purpose is because a passive aggressor often cannot accept failure or defeat, so when the truth comes to light, a passive aggressor’s mistakes can then be explained away, and if you’re not paying attention, you will be convinced that such a mistake was justified.

If you are this person, I urge you to dig deep into yourself and admit it and desire to change your ways.   Go out and get godly counseling.  Learn to identify and accept love in your life as it is but a waste to not know and feel what true LOVE really feels like.  If you can’t even feel the love that is offered to you by a fellow human being that you can see, what more the love of the Father that is limitless and unconditional?  As a loved person, throughout my life, I am able to identify true love, seeing it through the eyes of someone who loves me and I tell you, if you haven’t seen it, you are missing out on the magnificence of such emotion.  Life is too short to live in strife.  Great energy is wasted feeding into schemes to cause strife but worse of all, those people who give you love, and you turn away could be lost forever.

Until my next rant…. LOVE one another.

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