Sunday, April 8, 2012


In many ancient cultures, eggs were a common symbol of new life.  In medieval times, Eggs came to represent the Lord's resurrection.  Just as Christ broke out of the tomb on Easter morning, the yolk of the egg breaks out of its shell when cracked.  The decoration of eggs for Easter is part of the folk traditions of many cultures, although it has little or no religious significance any more.

Despite the symbolic meaning of easter eggs associated with the resurrection of Christ, the fact still remains that Jesus rose from the dead.  God is amazing, awesome, and... well, I have no words really.  God is everything, he is ever powerful and at the same time a very humble God.  He could have said well, I have the most power so I will always show myself as better than everyone.  Instead, he chose to humanize himself in the humblest of humble.  Mary and Joseph were from a poor family.  Jesus grew up poor and worked to earn his keep, and stayed humble until his death. 

Even though he was surrounded by rich characters throughout his life, he proved that it doesn't take someone with earthly power and stature to enter the kingdom of God.  He always sided with the underdog, like Magdalene, the prostitute, Barabas, the criminal... the list goes on and on.  Solid proof that no matter how far we have separated from him, as long as we come back to him in the end, we will be winners.  Life on earth is but a flicker of a candlelight, what we have on this earth is not even an aota of what we will have in paradise, for eternity.  Whoa! eternity is a very very very very very (infinity) long time.  Our time on earth is nothing compared to the time we will spend after we take our last breath.  It makes you think, doesn't it?  I won't be standing in the middle of Pier 39 with a big sign and a loud speaker screaming, REPENT REPENT! but I'm sure each one of us at one point or another has thought about it.  We can think all we want, but doing something to earn it now is another thing.  Remember this line, "you reap what you sow."  You will be surprised that those five words can make a huge difference in the way you treat people, no matter how they treat you.  Start with that, and the door of answers will open wide for you.  

Be blessed and love one another!

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