Monday, August 20, 2012


What does “Praying” really mean?  In dissecting its meaning, I would define praying as a reverent and intimate conversation with God.  Was the word “pray” created because we were to converse with God differently than we do with each other?  Perhaps.  As a catholic child, we were taught to pray with rosary.  Each bead represents a script as if to unify the prayers not even to God specifically but to the Virgin Mary.  Personally, it sounded like chants going through each of the 60 beads and the cameo of the Virgin Mary in the middle.  I found it to be restricting and difficult to feel God in this way.  I mean no disrespect to the Catholic ways but I find that my direct conversation with God, through Jesus (who God affirms to be the Way, the Truth, and the Light), is more effective for me.

Prayer lets God know you trust His plan for your life.  We are merely human beings who rely on a power we can’t see but there is a reason for that.  We only believe what we DO see which supports the saying “to see is to believe”.  This does not apply to Faith.  When we pray with gusto and ardor, it gets God’s attention because as much as our small prayers are granted, when we pray BIG, it gives God joy because He has gigantic plans for your life so we all should line up our prayers to our potential. By that I mean not just asking God to heal an illness, but asking Him for a long and healthy life.  Not just asking God to encourage your children to go to college, but to give your children a happy, protected, and prosperous one.  God wants us to use Him because from faith, comes blessings, from blessings comes testimony, from testimony causes other non-believers to come home to Him.  We effectively live by example, not by preaching.

What is your truth about the Holy Spirit?  Do you wonder why we get goose bumps when praising and praying to God?  When I became aware and began to develop an understanding and confirmation that God is very real as a young teenage girl, I used to try to wrack my brain about what our Religion teacher meant when she referred to the Holy Trinity as God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit being one person.  I sat for hours trying to figure it out in my head but arrived at the conclusion that if I spent one more minute doing so, my brain would surely explode.  It occurred to me that my God is big, powerful and perfect so how could I possibly know everything about Him right now.  After all, I was only 13.  But the other day God revealed to me, that the Holy Spirit is our own spirit, the spirit that is the direct connection with God.  God created Jesus as Himself with skin on for us to witness on earth, to confirm He is real.  When we go to heaven, we will SEE God as the bright light and Jesus for sure.  But have you ever wondered why the Holy Spirit wasn’t mentioned as a tangible out of the three?  Will we see the actual Holy Spirit in heaven?  Could it be that maybe WE, as God’s children, have a common denominator which collectively makes up the Holy Spirit?  Perhaps this has been revealed to someone else as well, maybe even you, but his revelation to me was an “AHA!” moment. 

How do you pray?  Praying for you may be chanting on your rosary, or  having a quiet moment, spending some alone time, maybe together as a family, or just the way you have a heart to heart talk with someone you trust.  Whatever the system that works for you and where you really feel God’s presence and Jesus spirit to spirit, keep on!  If you haven’t felt that presence, dig inside and you’ll find it, you will feel God.  Pray for BIG things because with God, everything is possible.

Until my next rant…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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I enjoy your blog. Thanks for the reminders of the awesome God we can serve.