Friday, August 10, 2012


A week after the novelty of the vacation has worn off, I analyze the difference in the feel of their culture against ours here in the states.  I wonder what has happened to us and why it is that our human relationship with each other is almost non-existent.  It seems we all pretty much treat each other with ire most of the time, separated and standoffish. 
In Barcelona alone, besides the fame of the great Gaudi, this city is peppered with churches that are still open all day to the public and surprisingly well attended whether there is service or not.  Sadly, in California, churches are closed unless there is an event, so it shuts itself off from someone who would maybe just want to sit in God’s house and have a conversation with him and His aura surrounding him/her. 

I was educated about these churches.  The guide said that the wealthy Spanish families showed their wealth by building elaborate churches, the more money one had, the more intricate the church was.  The Sagrada Familia is one of them.  Gaudi was its architect.  This church is phenomenal with its intricate, ornate and very detailed depiction of every phase of Jesus’ life.  Its adornment is something one cannot possibly absorb all in one day.  The next time I visit this church, I will certainly bring a chair and sit in front every section and marvel every detail.  Not to mention I have not even entered it and I was told that the interior is already completed.

I didn’t know a soul in Barcelona, but yet, there was a feel of unity.  I am not sure if it was their siesta (mid day nap hours) that makes them more relaxed as a culture and that despite the supposed economic crisis they face, life goes on, maybe because in their culture, they are not defined by how much money they make.  Again, it is my keen observation.  People are soft spoken, much more approachable.

What have we done to our culture?  That is, if we can even call it a culture?  Somehow, it seems we have forgotten where we came from.  To boot, take the heads of our churches, the catholic priests and their reputation.  A number of Christian churches whose leaders commit the worse crimes against humanity.  I am not one to lose hope but the realization is overwhelming.

Ask yourself this question, what could one person do (YOU) to make a change within him/her to at least get us back to basics?

So on that important question and until my next rant, please…. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

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