Friday, November 23, 2012


One might say, what does this painting have to do with today’s message?  Well, as the artist, my illustration of the wolf representing all the evils in the world that try to devour us leaves us sometimes feeling frustrated with how more and more people have become uncaring and even worse cruel.  However, no matter what, evil can never destroy another who holds a deep Godly character.  We all have some good inside of us.

A very special person passed away in 2001.  Earl Walker, Grandman, as we all lovingly call him was my daughter's grandfather who immediately became more like a father to me.  Beyond his role as a quasi-father to me and perhaps to hundreds of others whose lives have been touched by him, what I can say about him is that he was quite an exceptional human being.

Grandman was a saint, plain and simple.  He lived the simple life of a hardworking man.  For as long as I knew him, he never owned a car.  Yet he contentedly walked everywhere.  As a conductor for Amtrak Train, he had stories galore.  His stories were filled with inspiration, so I'm pretty sure that as many passengers as he came in contact with everyday, he's probably touched a thousand lives in a very positive way. A devout Catholic and Jesus’ number one fan, one look at him, you can immediately sense he had a strong relationship with God.  It was written all over his handsome smiling face, radiant with pure love.  He keeps God ever alive in us who were lucky enough to regularly receive snail mail from him with either a scribbled verse from the Bible, an article about keeping healthy, or just a note to say he loves you.

Grandman gave new meaning to the phrase "will give the shirt off his back for you" because not only will he give the shirt off his back for you, he would give you his last dollar, his next paycheck, his love, his time, and throw in about ten bottles of vitamins, anything! 

Grandman had friends, acquaintances, and fans even though his popularity was not concentrated to the Piedmont Ave. neighborhood.  Forget about walking down the street and engage in deep conversation with him if you would be annoyed by interruptions because people stop and talk with him everywhere. 

Grandman had a very infectious and jolly laugh and laughed at any joke you awkwardly try to tell.  But when it comes to serious advice, he readily gave it to you when you ask, genuinely understands, with boundless wisdom.

The day he passed away was perhaps the loneliest day of my life.  Where he used to be just a phone call away; now was a void that cannot be filled by another human being like him.  We are all unique in every way, so what Grandman had to offer was exclusive to him and would probably take a collection of several people just to make up for one Grandman.  So you're left with no one but yourself.  But wait...

As much as I loved and missed Grandman, all those loveable traits are just a few of God's traits.  Yes, I saw Grandman in the flesh, spoke with him, hugged him, etc. but I don’t have to see God to know for certain that He is there seeing, hearing, feeling me ALL the time.  God in all His power, faithfulness, and unconditional love is there anytime you need Him.

Loved ones come and go but God is always there, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

We all had a “Grandman” who have passed away and miss so very much, and the sting of our loss may be unbearable but it only feels that way because they left something special of themselves with us.  Understand though, that very thing you miss about them is only a part of God they gave to you.  It is okay to feel the longing, but God comforts you whether you ask for it or not, He always has His loving arms around you.  All you have to do is accept them.

We all share some good from within ourselves to others who will always remember us in that light long after we pass.  The good traits we’ve inherited from God that make others gravitate to us. The closer we are with God, the concentration of such traits are seen and felt which turn into a legacy passed on and on.
Till my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

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