Tuesday, November 20, 2012


As an artist and a crafter, I often alternate projects to kill the monotony of my profession.  After several weeks or months painting on canvas or flat surfaces, I switch to creating three dimensional art.

Recently, while organizing my studio, I came across some pint sized gourds I seemed to have stashed away a few years ago.  I am admittedly OCD when it comes to art supplies stating the age old motto that “I may use this someday” and being true to it.  Here is a link where you can buy gourds online

In these especially challenging economic times, we can resort to making our gifts instead of buying them.  So here’s my rendition of some updated way of making something special for someone for the holidays or just grouping them together to make someone smile.

Step 1:  Preparing your gourds

If they were store bought, you can certainly go straight to your paints and brushes.  However, if you are starting from scratch, you need to follow certain steps to dry them.  Here is a link to get some information of just how to do that ( 

Step 2:  Apply a coat of gesso.  Please make sure you are using the type of gesso that will accept the media you desire to use.  I use acrylic paints.

Step 3:  Outline your drawing of a face.  It doesn’t really matter if you make a perfect one with shading or not, your receiver will appreciate it.  Consult a magazine or the internet to get an idea of color combination that will work for you, or, think about the person you are giving the gift to and ask them what their favorite color is.  You can certainly even make them look like the receiver of that gift. 

 Step 4:  Paint the details of the face starting with flesh, shading under the eyelids, around the nose, lips, inside face line and hair line with brown oxide.  Shade a watered down mixture of red for the cheeks and paint the lips.  Paint the color you desire for the eyes, and then black for the pupils.  Lastly, dot the eyes with white paint to add the sparkle.

Step 5:  Paint the hair.  This is where you want to be creative.  You can make the hair as big as the point of the gourd or paint a hat for her.  It’s up to you.  Paint the rest of the gourd’s back side with any color and decorate with polka dots, or swirls or even apply glitter!

Step 6:  Seal the entire gourd with Gel Medium.  When you are done, you can string three or four together, or just arrange them in bowl, wrap it up with clear cellophane tie it with a ribbon and there you have it.  A special gift for that special someone!

Until my next trick....LOVE ONE ANOTHER!

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