Saturday, March 29, 2014


The Word of God, aka The Bible is not just a book.  There is a reason why the Bible is the No. 1 bestseller in the world.  Unlike others, the Bible is alive because every word in that book is authored by God.  He was the one who inspired the physical authors to include what is in it as it makes its journey into the lives of all humans century after century, year after year.  Nothing and no one outlives the Bible.  Get used to it, it's going to be here until the end!

Why do I say it's alive?  Because as unique as the individual who ever laid their eyes on the Bible to read it, is as unique as the effect it has on each of us. The Bible changes and impacts each of our lives differently than the others.  But the common denominator is that it enriches our relationship with God.  The ultimate goal of the Word of God is to get us back home to him.  Free will has given us a chance to choose Him without force.  How humbling is that?  God has the power to do whatever He wants but He gives us a choice whether to be His or not.  

The Word is like a seed.  Each type of seed has its own DNA required to produce the type of fruit or vegetable it was created to be.   The same is true with the Word of God having a supernatural life within it to fulfill God's promises in our lives.  When you plant that seed in your heart, when it grows it produces salvation, prosperity, healing, strength, etc. whatever God says belongs to you!

Whatever it is that you lack in your life today, The Word is readily available for you at your disposal.  God is an awesome God.  He said that if you profess His Word to what you need in your life, say it out loud, stand on it, believe in it, He will grant it to you.  I often wonder why He wants us to speak it out.  I believe it's because there is power to saying things out loud.  It is a sort of manifestation when you utter the words from your tongue because we tend to believe things when we hear ourselves say them.  Whatever comes from our hearts passes through our lips to create what what we want to see happen.

So if you need salvation, improve your finances, become healthy, etc.  read the Bible, seek God's promises to you, utter the words as if it has already been granted, stand on the Word,  and put God right in the middle of your life, guaranteed you will achieve it!

Until my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER!  Then share your victories with me and everyone in your life!

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