Saturday, July 28, 2012


Oh and our day at sea.  Turns out people love the sun like one loves an abusive spouse.  Tanning all  day even though they are well aware that it could kill them someday!  So very early in the morning they save their lounge chairs with books or shoes so that no one can take them.  I saw one lady dragging hers into her cabin.  

As imperfect as we Americans are, at least most of us are not rude to one another and that is what I miss about home.  Here,  people push their way through if you're not moving fast enough.  There is no moral compass or human filter.  It is all about them. How sad. I think you know who you are!  You are the ones who take more food than you can eat, you have no consideration for people when you talk so loudly walking through the halls of the staterooms, the ones who don't discipline your kids when they run around like crazy knocking people over.   The ones who cut in line without even asking if others were there first, just to name a few.  It's not even about what country you are from it's realizing that you share the world you live in with others and it really isn't all about you.  Being polite goes a long way, why not try it on for size?

One thing I would never do is go on another Carnival cruise.  I don't know if it is just this one but there are way too many kids!  I have nothing against kids, its just majority of them are unruly!  Also, the cruise catered more to them that most of the entertainment and activities were geared toward kids, even the food was really substandard.  The staff was great except for guest services, ironic isn't it? Just a note to self, no offense to the good parents with good kids.

Biggest peeve... Wait for it... Big Gutty men on speedos! There ought to be a law against that! As a matter of fact.. Ban speedos period! I didn't even see one buff guy with it on.  Just saying... 

Don't ever think you can do your laundry on the ship, everyone has the same idea to wash clothes on days at sea, what a mistake.  The laundy system was miraculously "down" so desperate people have to use their laundry services for a 15x12 paper bag that costs$15 per bag.  Bring movies because there is nothing at all on tv.  Plus on days at sea everyone is everywhere!

There are some good points, the gym is not crowded on days with ports but suddenly people work out on sea days.  There is an endless supply of frozen yogurt, omelettes are good, the staff is friendly, there are towel animals that may or may not remind you of your pets.

Over all it was nice to get away for a fraction of what you would normally pay if you went to a hotel, nothing beats a good cruise! Thank the Lord for this opportunity, experience and knowledge!  Till my next rant... LOVE ONE ANOTHER... For real!

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